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Mohini Sitar

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Product Description

Made from well-seasoned one block of cedar wood, Mohini Sitar is a new innovation of Ajay. To give a very stable tunning, there is only one joint in the whole sitar, the joint connecting the base section with the upper section. There is no regular neck joint. The head of the sitar is made in the shape of a Swan, which has all the machine head screws, to give a stable tuning to the sitar. Case:Thermo-fiber case available.

The advantage of this sitar over the regular sitar is that there is no danger of Tumba breaking as it is made from wood. Secondly the semi-solid body makes it easier for amplification through microphone, which helps to cut down the feed back problem faced by most musicians. Fully decorated with hand made natural bone inlay work(no celluloid artificial material used). One piece Ebony bridges used.Fitted with fully decorative tumbi, fine lotus pegs and double Tarab buttons. Best quality frets, strings and pegs for stable tuning. The Teflon/Ebony bridges mounted are our creation, which gives the best maintenance-free long sustaining sound.