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journey of rikhi ram

Rikhi Ram Musical Instrument Mfg. Co.(Rikhi Ram Originals) is India’s oldest manufacturing company of INDIAN CLASSICAL INSTRUMENTS. Over the years Indian Classical music has rapidly grown internationally. Rikhi Ram Originals provides an online platform to musicians all over the world. Ajay Rikhi Ram aim at providing high quality professional musical instruments worldwide. We have been contributing to the Indian music industry with our Musical Instruments,Services and Innovations since 1920.Our vision is to promote and spread our rich Indian Music culture around the world.

We our customers and they us too

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    Since 1978, when I first went to Rikhi Ram in Delhi, I’ve prompted perhaps thirty students to obtain Rikhi Ram sitars, and we have four of them at the college at which I teach. The sitar Ajay made f

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    Recommendation 2/18/21

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    Rikhi Ram Musical Instrument Mfg Co....is the foremost maker of musical instruments in our country. My association with Shri Bishan Das goes back to the time that I got my first Sitar. It was presente

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