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  • Decorative Tamboori
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Decorative Tamboori

Product code: DT02

Price: 38,500 (Case Included)


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Product Brief

The case dimensions are 115 cms x 37 cms x 14 cms.

This Tamboori was specially designed by Bishan Dass ji for Pt. Ravi Shankar, as during the early times all the musicians had trouble travelling with the traditional Tanpura's. The traditional tanpura are very fragile because of the Gourd, even a minor crack leads to sound loss. He designed the tamboori gourd from wood so that there was no loss of sound.

Product Description

Tamboori is a traditionally shaped, flat wooden gourd structure, which is made from well seasoned cedar wood.Decorated with inlay of pen engraved celluloid. 
It is Small, Light and Compact, with Big and Rich sound quality, easy handling in travelling and playing, truly a musicians delight.
Thermo-Fiber case available. String Combination: 4 strings



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