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Nikhil Banerjee Style Sitar Pro
Nikhil Banerjee Style Sitar Pro

Nikhil Banerjee Style Sitar Pro

215,000 Case Included

Product code: NBS01

Product Description
  • Nikhil Banerjee style sitar is an amalgamation of Pt. Ravi Shankar and Ustad Vilayat Khan style sitar.
  • Made from well-seasoned cedar wood for best tone and sound.
  • Fine craftsmanship & Fully decorated with wood carving and inlay of engraved celluloid.
  • Fitted with fully decorated Tumbi, fine lotus carved pegs & the best quality frets, strings and special post bridges for each tarab string for stable tuning.
  • The Teflon bridges mounted are our creation, which gives the best maintainance free long sustaining sound.
  • Thermo-Fiber case for sitar & Tumbi.
  • String Combination: 8 main strings & 12 to 13 sympathetic strings. The neck or dand is wide to accommodate the 8 strimgs.
  • The inlay design may vary as these are hand crafted instruments.
Product Includes
  • 25g Sitar string coil
  • Assorted Mizrabs
  • Bone Spares
  • Narka
  • Hook for sympathetic strings
  • Sitar Case belt
  • 2 extra sympathetic pegs
  • Beautiful oil box
Product Brief

The first four string combination are as per Panditji's specification & the next four strings are open chords as per Ustad Vilayat khan style sitar.  
The dimensions of the case are 169 cms x 52 cms x 45 cms.