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Rikhi Surbahar

Product code: OS01

Price: 285,000 (Case Included)


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Product Brief

The Rikhi surbahar was designed keeping in mind the volumenous size of the traditional Surbahar which is appx. 60".
It is very difficult for people to travel with it. The Rikhi model is much more compact & easy to play & travel. The Rikhi Surbahar has been fitted with specially designed hum bucking pick-up for amplification, without any kind of humming & not sacrificing the tonal quality of the original Surbahar sound. Infact the high & low frequencies become more enhanced in this model. There is no loss in the traditional sound & tone.

The dimensions of the case is 142cms x 52cms x 46cms

Product Description

This is an Ajay Signature model full-size Electric surbahar with an all wooden acoustic box. Machine head screws are used for fine tuning. Made from well seasoned tun wood, with full decoration of rich pen engraving and wood carving, long sustaining sound and fine tonal quality.
The string combination is: 8 main strings and 11 to 12 Sympathetic strings.