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  • Zitar (Style 2) Zitar (Style 2)
  • Zitar (Style 2) Zitar (Style 2)
  • Zitar (Style 2) Zitar (Style 2)

Zitar (Style 2)

Product code: ZT02

Price: 100,000 (Case Included)


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Product Brief

Best for studio works and jamming with loud westren musical instrument. Can be tuned from C#, D, D# and even to E if required. The dimensions for the case is 120cms x 48cms x 25cms

Product Description

A new innovation by Bishan Dass and Ajay. A flat base sitar made from one piece well seasoned teak wood , fitted with die casted machine heads for easy and stable tuning of the main strings and traditional wooden pegs for tarabs. The sitar is fully decorated with very fine cellulite inlay work, the same as in Kohinoor sitar. 

Fitted with all new hum bucking pick-up specially designed by Ajay for amplification of our electric sitars, without any kind of humming & not sacrificing the tonal quality of an original sitar sound. Easier to handle,travel and amplify.
String Combination:6 Main strings and 11 to 12 Sympathetic strings or 7 main strings and 13 sympathetic strings.

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